Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cultural Sunday

The cultural round-up for this week:

Latin American stars will gather to commemorate a hundred years since the birth of Chilean President Salvador Allende on 7-8 November in Santiago.
Multutudinario homenaje a Allende ya toma forma (La Tercerca)

An upcoming film, Matar a todos (Kill Them All) also deals with the crimes of the Pinochet dictatorship. A collaboration between the Argentine, Chilean, and Uruguayan film industries, the production was largely filmed in Montevideo, and will be screened in the ESMA on 25 October before going on general release.
Un film sobre los crimenes de Pinochet (Pagina/12)
Here's a trailer:

"Yes, I loathe the military, but I hate the Catholic Church as well that allowed it all to happen: the torture, the disappearances, the baby-stealing. They said that it was necessary to take the children of those who opposed the regime so that those children of Communists would become good Catholics. The worst thing that they could do: that those children would live with the families of the murderers of their parents: that was what the Catholic Church wanted while their priests were telling stories about the Holy Family."
A play called 'Elsa', by JW Berger, is a Goethe Institut-supported production taking place at the Espacio Callejon in Buenos Aires and dealing with issues of the Argentine dictatorship, family, and memory.
Guardar memoria (Pagina/12)

And finally on a light note, some charming old photos of central Lima and Miraflores from the 1960s from Gran Combo Club, songs about memory from commenters at the Guardian, and - though I'm no fan of the man, you can't deny his significance in Peruvian literature - an interview with Mario Vargas Llosa in the same newspaper.

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