Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Blog Round-Up

There's plenty of people blogging away more industriously than I am this week, so here's a selection:

In his own “Justice and Peace” confession (which began in July), he did not hesitate to admit to giving the order to kill people who ’smelled like guerrillas.’ Without blinking, he confessed to the San José de Apartadó massacre of 1998. He said he ordered the massacre because the town was so secluded, and the logistics of getting there were so difficult, that it wasn’t worth it to make an incursion just to kill one or two people. Therefore, in order to make the most out of the trip, they killed the largest amount of people that could possibly be associated with the FARC.

You really can't argue with some people's logic, can you? More on the testimony of Raúl Hasbún regarding human rights abuses in Colombia from Plan Colombia and Beyond. From the same blog, "No place in a civilized and democratic society".

Also, the effects of Plan Colombia on its neighbour, Ecuador: Refugees in Ecuador: Plan Colombia and the Asylum Lottery (Ecuador Rising)

And a key word is impunity, in Peru: The country of extrajudicial killings and media silencing they don't tell you about (Inca Kola News)
And in Mexico: Press freedom organization issues alert for Mexico (LA Times blog)

Finally, just to get your blood boiling - at least if you're anything like me - try this from Borev: WaPo Makes Latin America an Offer it Can't Refuse

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