Thursday, 16 October 2008

Judge Garzon to Investigate Spanish Disappearances

Now, I know that Spain isn't in the Americas*, but this story is appearing in the blog because the judge in question is Baltasar Garzón: he's the one who issued the warrant for Pinochet's arrest and presided over the Scilingo trial. Now's he turning his attention to human rights abuses in his own country.
A Spanish judge has launched a criminal investigation into the fate of tens of thousands of people who vanished during the civil war and Franco dictatorship.
Judge Baltasar Garzon - Spain's top investigating judge - has also ordered several mass graves to be opened.
Correspondents say the historic ruling will be controversial in Spain.
They say there has been a tacit agreement among political parties not to delve too deeply into the civil war and Franco era.

Better late than never, Spain.
Spanish judge to probe Franco era (BBC)

*unlike some people

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