Monday, 20 April 2009

Argentina News

News on perpetrators from the Argentine dictatorship:

1) Alfredo Eugenio Marcó, who appeared in the CONADEP report, put a bullet to his own head yesterday. According to the report, he was one of the principal interrogators in the Institution of Social Rehabiliation jail.
De la escuela del Malevo (Pagina/12) [The headline is referring to the case of 'Malevo' Ferreyra, who killed himself in front of TV cameras last year]

2) Claudio Vallejos, a young minor official in the ESMA during the dictatorship, is now a wanted man in Brazil. Not for human rights abuses, but for fraud. Vallejos, who benefited from the impunity laws in the 1980s, had a brief moment of fame when he gave some interviews about his experiences.
Un ex ESMA en apuros (Pagina/12)

3) Former deputy police inspector Luis Abelardo Patti, ex-general Santiago Riveros and de facto president Reynaldo Bignone will face an oral trial for crimes against humanity.
Patti y Bignone, a juicio oral en una causa por secuestros, torturas y desapariciones (Clarin)

4) Meanwhile alleged abuser Ricardo Miguel Cavallo, who was extradited from Spain, has failed in his bid to get released from jail, where he is awaiting trial for crimes committed in the ESMA.
Denegaron la excarcelacion a Cavallo (Pagina/12)

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