Tuesday, 7 April 2009

News Round-Up

And, in other news (yes, other things are happening in the world apart from Fujimori's sentence):

There are apparently more bodies in the Putis area which have not yet been exhumed. In addition, the major has complained that the community is still lacking basic facilities such as medical posts and schools.


Manu Chao could have got into hot water after describing the actions of the Mexican state in Atenco as 'state terrorism'.
Chao was referring to the events of May 2006, particularly a demonstration by Atenco flower-sellers against a commercial development. Mexican police intervened, sparking riots. Over 200 people were injured, two killed and 27 women sexually assaulted in the ensuing conflict, according to Mexico's National Human Rights Committee.
The problem is,
Article 33 of the Mexican constitution states that "foreigners cannot in any manner interfere in internal political affairs" and the government carries "the executive power to force them to leave national territory".
However, he seems to have got away with it.

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