Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Peru: Today's Update on the Ambush Aftermath

And it's back to Peru.

The death toll from last week's Shining Path attack is now 14.

Former Interior Minister, and journalist, Fernando Rospigliosi, has called the army's current offensive in the VRAE 'a disaster'. Ex-army chief Donayre has also called for a rethink. Defense Minister Flores-Araoz rejects the criticisms.

Peru defends offensive after deadly rebel attack

Plus, remember how people have been saying that the human rights organisations are somehow anti-army, pro-terrorism, and don't condemn atrocities when they are against the armed forces? Honestly, I think this is rather like those people who demand condemnations from Muslims when there is an Islamist attack. First, Muslims are not collectively responsible for the actions of certain factions, and second, if they do issue condemnations is anyone even listening? These are HUMAN rights organisations: you qualify for their attentions by being born and contrary to rumour, you don't lose your human rights when you put on a uniform (though don't expect special treatment if you commit a crime either). So, listen up: here are the official repudiations and statements of solidarity for the victims from the CNDDHH, COMISEDH, APRODEH, and three other Ayacuchan organisations.

Oh, and there's an interesting post from Otto at Inca Kola News.

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