Sunday, 12 April 2009

"Fujimori got 25 years."
"Jail for an ex-President? My God... what insecurity!!"
Pagina/12 suggests that ex-President Menem of Argentina, who is facing court battles of his own, might be feeling a little more uptight after the conviction of his Peruvian counterpart. "Inseguridad" is the word you hear most when Latin Americans are discussing the crime rate.

"Believe me, I really feel bad about the massacres of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta."
"Finally, you feel sympathy for the dead?"
"No, I said I feel bad - they've robbed me of 25 years!"

From La Republica. 'Pena' means both pain, sorrow, and penalty or sentence, so the double meaning works in Spanish....

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