Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Please excuse me a second of navel gazing ;-)

It's a year since I began the blog. My original intention was to continue my collection of news clippings that began as a physical entity on my shelf about 6 years and then grew into my uncontrollable bookmark section on my browser. I wasn't sure if anyone else would ever read it.

Since then I have started to expand a little more on my personal opinions and leanings, and I had to drop my other blog for lack of time, and because this one was more rewarding. I have a modest but growing readership, including subscribers to Google Reader and other feed services, and, well, thanks guys! It is pretty gratifying to see the stats going in the right direction and I am especially thankful to those of you who take the time to comment and email. Thanks too to the people who link to me - if I'm not linking to you and I should be, drop me a line! The blog is really Peru and Argentina-biased, and that is unlikely to change, but a few of you take the time to point me to interesting memory issues from other countries and that is fantastic.

I'm acutely aware of my distance - in all senses - from Latin America and don't know really how long I can maintain my knowledge base enough to be a useful blogger. But for now, here's to more posting in the future!


boz said...

Congrats on hitting one year and please keep writing. The articles you link to related to history and human rights are very useful.

Lillie Langtry said...

Thanks boz!

Benjamin N. Gedan said...

Congratulations! The blog is great - an important theme throughout Latin America that U.S. readers should pay far more attention to.


Anonymous said...

Trust me on this one, what you've created is invaluable.

Otto Rock said...

concur with above

Lillie Langtry said...

Thanks guys.