Tuesday, 7 April 2009


You'll have heard it already: Fujimori has been found guilty and sentenced to 25 years. Guilty of the Barrios Altos massacre, guilty of the heinous crimes at La Cantuta.

A former head of state brought to justice in his own country for severe human rights abuses is, as the Amnesty International spokesperson commented with a certain understatement, "something you don't see every day". It was a long trial, and there is already talk of an appeal; nevertheless, it's an important day for Peru and a crucial blow to impunity. International observers have described the trial as exemplary in its fairness and attention to due process, so let there be no talk of a kangaroo court. I'm not surprised at the verdict, but I am deeply satisfied.

A few small points: La Republica reports that in Ayacucho, relatives of the disappeared celebrated and cried with happiness upon hearing the verdict. They also note that if he should serve his full sentence, taking into account the time he has spent on remand, he should be released on 10 February 2032. He would be 93.

Fujimori gets lengthy jail term (BBC)

All the mainstream news sources are running stories on this. Spanish speakers could also follow the blog of the Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos, as well as the Peruvian press.

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