Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Peru: Fujimori Begins 'Self Defense'

Fujimori is speaking in his own defense at the end of his trial.
He said it was difficult in modern Peru to understand the actions he took in that period but that one day schoolchildren would read about him in their history books as the leader who brought peace to Peru.

Oh, was that the sound of hollow laughter?

Fujimori defends himself at trial

La Republica has managed to photograph Fujimori's notes and is using them to speculate on the future content of his speeches; but it's nothing new, the old story that he is Peru's saviour and the allegations against him are a bunch of fabrications. The headline may be intriguing for English speakers: literally translated, it means "I know you, cod" - a Spanish-language saying which means something like "I can see through you" and also refers to an occasion when Fujimori sent his then-wife to excuse him from an important government address, claiming he had contracted food poisoning from some cod. (Hmm, did we hear that one during the trial, I ask myself?)

Aconsejaron a Fujimori declararse inocente y no responder acusaciĆ³n (La Republica)

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