Monday, 18 August 2008

Blog Round-Up

Another great installment from Ash Kosiewicz, working with a forensics team in Peru. In this blog post he publishes the videos of an interview with Gisela Ortiz, human rights activist and sister of one of the Cantuta victims. I had to delay linking to this post as I somehow couldn't get the videos to work, but I've seem them now. From the video:
What does the act of remembering mean to you?

It is a mix of emotions. On the one hand, there is the pain and anguish that we lived through, not knowing where our loved ones were. To be denied before the justice system, the indifference under the dictatorship of Alberto Fujiori, the way we found their remains, images that are still vivid in our memories. But on the other hand, there are feelings of hope, that in one moment there will be justice, of the solidarity of those who came to know and accompanied us and shared our pain. This was the strength we needed to continue this fight over so many years.
See more: The Fujiori Trial and Human Rights - Take Three

Also in Peru, Fujimori on Trial reports that Session Suspended due to Fujimori's Health. Apparently,
Fujimori had a severe gastroenterological condition, which could cause the former president to suffer a severe abdominal colic resulting in diarrhea.
I don't get this; does the man have the runs or doesn't he? 'Cos it seems to me that could get diarrhea isn't so very sick. But there we go.

And from the Mexico Reporter, there was so much good stuff I honestly couldn't choose between Mini-Skirts Banned to Stop "Provoking" Rape in Mexico (don't-even-get-me-started...), Immigration Explored as a Concept in Mexico City Exhibition (photography!), and Waiting for a Man to Die. So basically, I just recommend the whole blog.

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