Monday, 4 August 2008

Peru: Special Treatment for Fujimori?

Today's La Republica returns to the subject of preferential treatment for Alberto Fujimori during his stay in prison (before the changes to his regime):
"Shameless: Thanks to the aprista government, he is visited by artists, drawing teachers, politicians, friends, advisors, and even witches"
It's a serious subject, but the Fujimori saga often seems to reach soap opera proportions, and I had to smile at the last on the list. In fact, I am being rather disingenous translating "brujas" as "witches", as in this context a shaman or traditional healer is presumably what is meant, but it was what popped into my mind as I read the headline. I wonder if they can magic him out of his current situation?

Full story: 'Ex dictador tenia privilegios carcelarios antes de la renovacion de su regimen' (La Republica)

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