Sunday, 17 August 2008

News Round-Up

Former Argentine President Menem is under investigation for his part in a 1995 explosion.

Prosecutors say Mr Menem was responsible for the blast that killed seven people at an arsenal.

They allege Mr Menem was trying to cover up proof of illegal arms trafficking to Ecuador and Croatia in the 1990s.

(It's long been suggested that Argentina was supplying arms to Ecuador during its border conflict with Peru, which it wasn't allowed to do since it was a guarantor of the peace agreement signed during a previous incarnation of this war. See for example the NY Times from 1995, 'Argentine Arms Sold to Ecuador During War With Peru'.)

Argentine police have also raided the offices of the German firm Siemens over alleged bribes that were paid to win contracts in the 1990s.
Menem probed over 1995 explosion (BBC)

Also, former Chilean military judge Alfonso Podlech has been extradited from Spain to Italy in connection with the disappearance of a Chilean-Italian priest, Omar Venturelli, during the dicatorship of the 1970s. Naturally, he's denying the accusations.

Ex fiscal militar se declara innocente en Roma (La Nacion)

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