Saturday, 30 August 2008

Peru: 5 Years after the TRC

It is now five years since Peru's Truth and Reconciliation Commission submitted its final report. At a ceremony to mark the occasion at the memorial called El ojo que llora (the eye that cries) in Lima, a small group of Fujimori supporters caused a disturbance, shouting political slogans and trampling on the candles and photographs laid out to remember the dead. (I always thought it was a given that interrupting funerals and memorial services was a pretty low act... seriously, once you stoop to that kind of tactic you are only an inch away from Fred Phelps and loonies like that).

Anyway, La Republica claims to have identified the ringleader of the protest, Jose Luis Conteras Jimeno (pictured left), with the headline "This is the bully".

Matón que atacó ceremonia de la CVR es el fujimorista José Luis Contreras Jimeno (La Republica)

Reconcilation in Peru still uncertain on five-year anniversary of Truth and Reconcilation Commission report (Peruvian Times)

You can also see the disruption of the ceremony in this Youtube clip (it has been uploaded by a fujimorista and the description insults the TRC commissioners, but the clip is just taken from the television news)

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