Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Peru: Japanese-Peruvians Seek Redress for Internment

This story was, I have to say, my first introduction to the subject of the over 2,000 Peruvian-Japanese and other Latin American-Japanese people interned in the US after Pearl Habor. Latin American governments handed over immigrants of Japanese ancestry to be stripped of their citizenship, interned in camps, and in some cases returned to a 'homeland' they had never seen before. While Japanese-Americans received compensation and an apology two decades ago, this was not extended to their kin south of the border.
'This was a big violation of human rights and they don't want to recognize that,'' said Kague, now 78. "We just have to keep waiting. I've been waiting a long time already.''
Japanese-Peruvians Seek Redress for U.S. Imprisonment (Miami Herald)

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