Saturday, 16 August 2008

Latin America: Justice and Censorship

Two important background articles from IPS, which is really such a great source for English-language Latin American news and goes deeper than the standard media sites.

Firstly, the triumphs and challenges of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights:

Tortuous Road to Justice in Inter-American System

And secondly, the story of 'soft' censorship in the Latin American media, often by the offer/implied threat of withdrawal of advertising revenue. (I was aware of this issue to some extent, but I did NOT know that it goes so far that some journalists, especially radio journalists, are effectively not paid, but earn their living by selling advertising space, mainly to large companies or government agencies. It's pretty obvious how this means that stories unfavourable to those advertisers simply aren't told).

Behind-the-Scenes Censorship (IPS)

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