Saturday, 16 August 2008

Peru: State of Fear

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2011: Spanish-language version of State of Fear/Estado de Miedo can now be viewed online here

If you're interested in Peru/human rights/'terrorism', and you get a chance to see this film, take it. I can't say clearer than that. If it was available on a standard DVD I'd buy it immediately - actually, I'd already have bought it. But sadly, it's not, but it is shown on some television channels and at independent film festivals, etc.

The stories told here are unbelievably strong, heart-breaking, and true. I'm personally not so keen on the labels used in this trailer ("the witness", "the terrorist", etc), but that doesn't detract from the overall quality. I'm particularly taken by the man near the end who, standing surrounding by armed soldiers, shouts, "Film this, film this! So that everybody sees!".

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