Friday, 22 August 2008

Paraguay: Sexual Slavery during Stroessner Dictatorship

Julia Ozorio Gamecho was the first woman to come forward and testify to the Paraguayan Truth and Reconcilation Commission about her experiences of sexual violence during the Stroessner dictatorship.

Girls as young as seven are believed to have been snatched from their homes and "groomed" to serve high ranking military officials.

Ozorio's testimony helped the Commission to confirm details about a location where girls were taken after they had been snatched from their families. There they were forcibly prepared for their sexual enslavement to high ranking members of the military.

Yudith Rolón of the Commission said: "We value and admire her courage in telling us what happened to her, events which have left her with irreparable trauma, from both the physical and psychological torture she suffered".

"She corroborated events that the Truth and Justice Commission had already been investigating. We had heard of many cases but no-one had wanted to give testimony, as she has done".
Full story here:
Major step forward in Paraguay's investigations into sexual slavery of girls (Amnesty International)

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